The Sea

Just like events in our life the Ocean’s ebb and flow
brings beautiful things in from the depths of the sea,

We comb the beaches for shells and sand dollars, maybe even a
message in a bottle carrying inside it the meaning of Life,

“Soon the water recedes, carrying it’s treasure back out to the sea
It’s vast emptiness is anything but empty…”

“The waves come and go leaving behind traces of their
existence for a mere moment in time”

Hart's Cove

“The beauty of life is that splendor can be found
in the small, the detailed and delicate”
in the mighty, the powerful, the overwhelming,
step back, take it all in,

silently focusing and letting go at the same time
“Knowing that when the scene fades, the tide ebbs,
Life doesn’t seem totally fair…….

The beauty is there, in front of you,
waiting for you to take it in.

Written by
Dave MacRunnel

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